Securing the U.S.’ vital assets is not all that difficult. Simply don’t make our vital infrastructure accessible from the Internet. The problem is that there is great political pressure to locate just about all computer systems on the Internet. The U.S. government needs to push back on this, and do what is in the best interest of Americans.

Patmore Douglas 1/8/2017 10:21:00 AM

Remote fighting promises new technological innovation, as well as a means of garnering more intelligence, mitigating troop casualty, and engaging in more effective combat.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 1:39:00 PM

Microsoft HoloLens is wonderful mixed reality, head mounted, smart glasses technology. But great technology is not enough to ensure success. A framework that is optimized for developer commercial success, is not only just as important, it is more important.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 1:24:00 PM

Client side computing is under mounting pressure to innovate in the areas of user experience, and new technical dimensions. Client side computing also needs to rid itself of the self-destructive economic framework (app stores) that now afflicts its modern side.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 1:14:00 PM

Many in the field of technology paint, a world in which artificial intelligence will become pervasive, and will eventually eclipse the intelligence of man. Artificial intelligence will likely become pervasive, but it will be low level, and can never approach the intelligence of mankind.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 1:10:00 PM

The computer industry has gone from being an apolitical place of great innovation and its own version of team sports, to becoming a hot bed for progressives and globalists, where America has been coming increasingly last.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 2:53:00 AM

App stores are conceptually great, from a user experience point of view. They are however gravely economically flawed, because by eliminating choice, and imposing unreasonable regulations, they undermine their own economic foundations, making them unattractive to developers.

Patmore Douglas 9/30/2016 2:39:00 AM

Internet of Things (IoTs) hold the promise of being able to find out the statuses of physical devices (such as cars, cameras, and machinery), as well the ability to control them remotely. The question is, is all this worth the risk of these device being commandeered by hackers, and used to wreak havoc in our lives and economy?

Patmore Douglas 9/29/2016 10:35:00 PM